China Stops More Than 100 Coal-Fired Projects

China Stops More Than 100 Coal-Fired Projects
China energy leaders have finally ordered eleven provinces to halt over 100 large coal-fired power plants with a combined capacity of 100 gigawatts, which is much larger than UK’s coal fleet. Some of the power plants were still under construction, as reported by Caixin on Tuesday.
This extraordinary move indicates that the Chinese officials are very serious about bringing its coal power back under their control.Caixin issued a document on January 14 citing that the National Energy Administration (NEA) had already halted coal power plants, which were already under construction in few of the provinces and autonomous regions like Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu Shanxi, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Qinghai and few northwestern regions.


It is estimated that around $62.30 billion (430 billion yuan) was financed in these plants.

China draws its main source of energy from non-renewable sources of energy like coal. This drastic step was taken by the government so as to discourage the country’s massive coal consumption. It has been the country’s prolonged effort to use renewable sources of energy like wind and solar energy for power consumption.

The Chinese government until now had avoided meddling with coal projects, which have been financed, contracted and under construction. The cancellation will be tough and people in general will face large commercial loss. But it seemed more wasteful to spend money over these unneeded coal plants. It would have cost them over $20 billon to complete them.

The Carbon Budget

According to a new study, India and China may face a lot of issues if they continue to rein in their coal plants. As per the agreement made in Paris, the countries had to make sure that the global temperature rise is well within 2-degree Celsius.

According to few reports, if China lets coal power plant construction continue, it would end up using its entire annual budget by 2036.

This year, China has taken a big step to slow and stop the coal sector, stopping about 100 GW of coal plant projects in their early stages. Earlier this month, the authorities had permitted 6GW new project, thus raising speculation about their power to stop these coal machines completely.

Indian Coal

Sadly, India is following China and would end up using its complete carbon ‘budget’ by the end of 2036. The country wouldn’t be successful even after deploying clean technology to the existing plants.

India also has its own set of coal machines and its army continues to grow, even though it is not required.

There are over 1,020 planned coal plant projects in India and China. The projects are either permitted, under construction or in primary planning stages.

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