China All Set to Quadruple the New Energy Vehicle Production by the End Of 2020

China All Set to Quadruple the New Energy Vehicle Production by the End Of 2020

China will now quadruple the new energy vehicle yearly output to around 2 million by the end of 2020, one of the cabinet ministers stated.

Looking at the government plan, the minister of Industry and the Information Technology, Mr. Miao Wei stated at the Beijing forum this weekend that by the year 2025, at least one in 5 cars that is sold in China will be this new energy model. This was reported by the Xunhua news agency.

In the year 2016, China went on to produce 517, 000 brand new energy vehicles. These cumulative sales have actually exceeded over a million as per the ministry. The new energy vehicles now include electric cars with some real good battery in it; it will also have the plug-in hybrids and also the fuel cell cars.

In the year 2016, the popular Chinese electric car maker BAIC, Geely and BYD actually went on to sell their models in approximately more than 30 plus countries as well as regions across the world. Miao stated that this government will continue to improve the policies and boost the R&D; it will be investing in the charging Infrastructure, and also promoting the international co-operation for helping this sector grow fast.



As far as the charging infrastructure is concerned, China has built close to 100,000 public charging poles in the year 2016, which is ten times more than the figures in 2015. China saw a big boom of the electric vehicle investment in the past couple of years. Instead of just maintaining this universal Incentive system, the subsidies will keep varying and it will certainly favor the best performing car makers much before the financial assistance program actually comes to an end by the year 2020.

There has been an increasing level of transformation in the field of technology. Many companies are now coming up with eco-friendly cars. A lot of companies are venturing into making more electric cars. In recent news, one of the popular car manufacturers and a very highly regarded brand – Honda came up with a new car, which the company claims can actually feel the real emotions of the humans. The name of the car is NeuV; this car will be unveiled to the public in the Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held at LA in the first quarter of the year 2017, as stated by Honda.

Technology is climbing new heights. As per a statement that was made by the company, this is basically an automated concept car, which is pretty much equipped with Artificial Intelligence, known as the emotion engine, which makes the new possibilities for the humans to have a good interaction with the car. Using this power of Artificial Intelligence, robotics as well as big data for changing the mobility experience, Honda has now made a super announcement that this Co-operative Mobility Ecosystem would be the main theme for the participation during the CES show, which will be held at the LA.

Even Google also has now come up with driverless cars and now it has been going through several intense tests to see if it is actually safe to be on the busy roads. At present, Science and Technology has actually gone to a new extent of making it really possible for the people to do some highly impossible things. Even the American automaker named Tesla at the moment is specializing in electric cars, which is also called plug -in cars.

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