Netherlands Trains Will Be Run by 100 Percent Wind Energy

Netherlands Trains Will Be Run by 100 Percent Wind Energy

NS, the national railway company’s spokesman, Ton Boon stated that from the 1st of January, all Dutch trains will run only on wind energy. They have made it clear that the Dutch trains are now the first to be powered by wind energy in the world.

A tender was launched by NS two years ago and Eneco, a Dutch electricity firm, won the tender. Both the companies have legally signed a bond for 10 years. The deal stated that by the next year 2018 January all the NS trains would be powered by wind energy and run only on renewal energy solely.

Mr. Boon stated that they achieved their goal before the estimated period because there was a growth in the number of wind farmhouses across the nation. This had helped NS complete the deal before the committed date.


He further added that they have set this deal as a great example and also this contract will help to boost the making of green energy. They also hope that in future other companies should also follow the same to protect nature. Though some of the trains with still operate using a diesel train, by the end of the year 2017, they will be phased out.

Eneco and NS stated that more than 600,000 passengers are traveling in “the first-of-its-kind train in the world” solely powered by wind energy. NS also claimed that more than 5,500 train trips are being operated by them every single day. And, to run the trains, NS needs a maximum of 1.2 billion kWh power of electricity in a year.

If a windmill runs for one hour, it will generate power so that it can travel up to 120 miles (200 kilometers). They are also planning and making a strategy to lessen the energy, which is used per traveler by almost 35 percent by the year 2020 when compared to the year 2005.

Even though the total Dutch generation of wind power is around 7.4 billion kWh per year, the usage of wind power in the year 2015 was equivalent to 12.5 billion kWh, which more than half the supply needed.

New wind farms were built for this project across various places such as Netherlands, Belgium, and Finland so that the required electricity could be used for all the NS trains. Due to the completion of the creation of wind farms, the target was easily achieved within a year.

Netherlands has got the new year celebration by entirely shifting to wind energy for all its trains!


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