Enquiry Is Set Up by Coal Minister for the Lalmatia Incident

Enquiry Is Set Up by Coal Minister for the Lalmatia Incident

Piyush Goyal, Minister of Coal on Tuesday set up a high committee to probe into the collapse of Lalmatia Colliery. The MP of Godaa district, Nishikant Dubey has approached with the concern of the recent coal collapse. He made it clear that along with the team he is going to accompany them to the accident place.

At Lalmatia, there is an underground coal mine called Lalmatia Colliery, which is a private committee located near Godaa district. The people who are living near to this place are experiencing different facilities like water supply, power supply, and many other things too. But in the meantime, they are also suffering from few difficulties like dust and pollution, which comes mainly because of the crusher. Mostly senior citizens and children were falling sick because of this dust.

On Thursday 7:30 pm, this saddening incident took place. The rescue operation was initiated as soon as the news reached. And it was carried in a very systematic way so that the remaining debris didn’t create new mishap. Few machines, people, and vehicles were trapped inside the cave. Ex-gratia of Rs.2 Lakh to the dead people and Rs.25,000 to the injured people was announced by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Meanwhile, ECL also announced ex-gratia of Rs.5 lakhs to the families of those who were dead. Under the debris, total 13 excavators and dump trucks were found.

After the clean chit, which was given by DGMS (Directorate General of Mines Safety) to the ECL (Eastern Coalfields), the coal minister came forward and asked the team to investigate the mishap that had happened. Along with DGMS, the Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Dhanbad told that they had already enquired about the whole incident and told this could have been because of violating the safety norms.

The inspection was already taken care of by DGMS before the Lalmatia Colliery mishap happened in the month of December 29th, where several workers were announced dead.

Dubey said to media that there was no point in blaming the ECL or any other outsourcing company as they had violated the safety norms. He further added that they would submit the final report about the incident directly to the ministry, wherein the committee that was formed will look into the matter, which is constituted by Piyush Goyal, the coal minister.

ECL has already called off the rescue operation even though five members were still missing due to the collapse of Lalmatia Colliery.

But very soon, ECL’s general manager, R.R. Amitabh, spoke to media and said that there was a reason to halt the rescue operation. And the reason was said to be a technical problem. If they experienced a strata movement on the top of the mine and if the operation was continued, there is a chance that another mishap could happen. He further added that still five bodies had to be recovered as they were trapped inside the mine. Once the technical problem was sorted out, the rescue operation would be resumed.

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