New Coal Production Technology to Be Launched in Dhanbad

New Coal Production Technology to Be Launched in Dhanbad

In India, mining industry is one of the biggest economic activities, which significantly improves the economy of India. The mining tradition in India is ancient. Along with the rest of the world, India too underwent modernization and growth in the mining industry.

Dhanbad, a city of Jharkhand, is very famous for its coal mining activities. This populated city has some of the largest coal mines of India. It is often called the ‘Coal Capital of India’. You can find some big guns like BCCL (Bharat Coking Coal Limited), Tata Steel, India Iron & Steel Company and ECL (Eastern Coal Field Ltd) operating here.

Recently, in the CIMFR (Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research) meet, it was announced that a new and a better coal production technique is to be launched in Dhanbad.

If you are wondering what this CIMFR is all about, well it’s an internationally acclaimed fuel research and mining organization. This organization aims to deliver and develop viable cutting-edge technologies for both industrial advancement and off course social upliftment. They promote coal initiatives with effective and optimum use of low-grade coal, with smart waste management techniques. Currently, Mr. Pradeep K Singh is the director of CIMFR.



Now talking about the recent CIMFR commences meet, program inauguration was done by Mr Rahul Guha, the Directorate General of Mines Safety. In the meet, Mr Rahul appealed for co-operation and understanding the oil & natural companies and the coal companies so as to increase and improve the coal bed methane production.

The 5-day intense training program began in Dhanbad on Monday at ‘Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research’. Participants were seen coming from different companies like CIL, ONGC, Geological-Survey of India and also from prestigious institutes like the NITs, IITs, R&D Institutes and central universities. Their main topic of discussion was the need to improve and bring in new and better technology for better coal production of coal bed methane in India. Among the many crises the coal mining industries faced, Guha expressed his concerns about the low commercial demand in India for CBM production.

Mr. Amalendu Sinha, the former director of CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), was also seen in the meeting. He laid emphasis on the benefits of coal bed methane production in accordance with environment protection. He also stated some safety measure that needs to be noted and taken care of during the mining procedures.

The distribution of minerals and coal in India is quite uneven and their density varies from one place to another. With changing time, we hope to see some improvement in technology that would help in better excavation of fossils fuels and also in better waste management.


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