IRGA Orders for the Implementation of Parliamentary Committee Report on Rubber

IRGA Orders for the Implementation of Parliamentary Committee Report on Rubber

The announcement of the Rubber Policy and the restrictions on the imports are among the major points when it comes to the recommendations of the parliamentary committee on rubber that the Indian Rubber Growers Association has ordered for implementation. In favor of the Parliamentary Standing Committee, it stated that the import of the NR has to be suspended during the major season between August and March. Apart from that, the restrictions have to be imposed on the import of the used as well as the low quality tyres, it stated.

By entering the FTA with the other countries, the actual interest of the growers and the MSME sector must be well safeguarded as except this country, all the other rubber-growing countries generally consume less than 10 percent of its domestic production. IRGA wanted to add this livelihood clause in all the trade agreements for protecting the interest of the small and marginal farmers. Among the other recommendations, there are some uniform policies for rubber wood, one scheme for the re-plantation as well as the efforts for strengthening the rubber board.



Rubber is certainly an important plant not just for the global economic strategies, but for the human needs as well. The more the social development, the more the requirements of the products made of the rubber as people utilization is going up every other day. Natural latex is actually an important raw material that is available for doing various types of products in the heavy industries like the motor and also the vehicle industry, or even kitchenware.

In our day to day life, we use most of the products that are made of rubber. Rubber is actually a highly economic plant. The rubber tree, which includes the seeds and the plantation, are really beneficial for all the types of use, which increases income as well as the employment opportunity for the agriculturists worldwide. At present, agriculturists are really proud of having their plantation growing up in total every year. The plantation is pretty easy to look after and one can save the cost and also time.

India is one of those top countries among the top 10 rubber producing nations. The Kerala state in the south of India is a leading plantation state for rubber in India. Most of the Malnaad regions of Kerala state are actually growing rubber. Some years back, a lot of people used to plant coconut in their fields. However, today a lot of people plant the rubber trees instead as this one gives them daily income. This plant that was brought to the country during the rule of British is now all over Kerala states. Rubber plant is grown in the other parts of India as well, and this cultivation gives daily income to the growers and also workers.

The increasing services of transportation and the communication are now urging the rubber industries to produce more rubber. The demand for rubber is increasing constantly. Most of the industries that we have in the country have a major dependency on rubber. This is the only raw material, which is natural and available for making foam for sofa or even to make furniture.  There are so many things made out of rubber that is used on a daily basis. The list is endless, but here are some of the things – rubber eraser, balloon, sports equipments, tyre, gloves, and air craft are all just a few of the things to name a few.

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